Authority - A Powerful Tool

As a Doctor, you are considered an Authority figure in your community. Patients rely on you to make life-saving decisions. Your advice and expertise are always highly valued and accepted which makes Authority a powerful tool for you.

GrowMyAuthority is a unique program designed to help you leverage your authority within your community through social media and other channels.

Why GrowMyAuthority?

  1. Benchmark your achievements against your peers
  2. Boost your reputation online
  3. Highlight your successes
  4. Attract better staff and more patients
  5. Become increasingly competitive in your region
  6. Become a “Celebrity” in your niche. Your brand is a reflection of YOU & WHO YOU ARE in the world

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What We Do?

Products to help you grow your Authority...

Doctors Choice Awards (DCA)
A platform to reward and recognize outstanding Doctors with ratings from their peers, positioning Doctors as an Authority figure to their existing and potential patients
DCA Done for me Doctor Reviews
A unique Review Collection Program that will work on your behalf to collect reviews and recommendations from all the doctors you know
DCA Done for me Social Graphics
Promote the most appealing reviews from your Doctor’s Choice Awards (DCA) Profile over prominent social media networks
DCA Hall of Fame
The coveted Hall of Fame showcases your 5 start reviews from peer Doctors, in your DCA profile and in your website
DCA Magazine
Get featured in exclusive articles and feature your practice and procedures in the annual DCA magazine

Value Additions

DCA Magazine
Podcasts and videos to share your knowledge and skills to address the needs of millions of current and potential patients
DoneForMeVideo Ads
Effective “Videos Ads” to promote your expertise, procedures and practice online

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